UN, Iran exert big efforts to help Iraq overcome crisis – envoy

TEHRAN, May 1 (KUNA) — UN special envoy for Iraq Jan Kubis said on Sunday Iran and the UN have exerted lots of efforts to help Iraq overcome its crisis.
“Over recent days, we have been witnessing maximum amount of political problems in Iraq for settlement of which the Islamic Republic of Iran has made a great deal of efforts and we in the UN have done much in this connection,” Kubish told the Head of the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati.
“Today we are witnessing enormous events and challenges in Iraq which have added to crisis of terrorists in the region,” Kubis was quoted by Iran’s news agency IRNA as saying.
He added that there are a large number of inland homeless resulting from humanitarian crisis in the country; in the meantime, fall in oil prices has created many problems for Iraq budget.
In the military campaign against so-called Islamic State (IS), he noted, Iraqi Army, popular forces, Peshmargas and others have gained considerable victory.
The envoy lauded “big victories” achieved by the Iraqi army, in collaboration with Pershmerga forces, over IS.
Meanwhile, Velayati said in a statement carried by IRNA that Iraq proved that it can overcome its problems, confirming that Iraqis will face any act seeking to destabilize their country.
He emphasized that the Americans will not be able to swindle Iran out of the two billion dollars it has blockaded and Iran will retake its money.
He said Iran has, on several occasions, proved that it would never allow any country including the US to violate its nation’s rights. (end) fz.hm

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