Trump says his vice-pres. nominee likely to be Republican with political experience

WASHINGTON, May 4 (KUNA) — The morning after he virtually wrapped up the Republican presidential nomination with his victory in the Indiana primary, New York billionaire Donald Trump said he most likely will choose as his vice presidential nominee a Republican with political experience.
“I would like to have somebody that could truly be good with respect to dealing with the Senate, dealing with Congress, getting legislation passed, working toward something where we are not signing executive orders every three days like President Obama does,” Trump said on Wednesday in an ABC “Good Morning America” interview.
“You have the military sphere, you have the political sphere, and you have the business,” Trump said. “Well, the business, I handle. … We will bring our jobs back, and we will bring our economy back.” “I think I am going to be very, very good on the military, to be honest with you,” he said. “I think that will be the hidden strength.” Told that a new CNN poll showed Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton leading Trump by 54 percent to 41 percent if the general election were held now, Trump cited other polls showing him leading Clinton or tied with her.
“Rasmussen just came out with a poll, highly respected, and I am leading her by two points, 41 to 39,” he said. “So, you know, you are going to have polls all over, but in Rasmussen I am leading. Another one came out two days ago where we are tied, and I have not started yet.” Trump said former secretary of State Clinton “has got poor judgment … if you look at the e-mail scandals and if you look at all of the bad decisions she has made, whether it is Libya, whether it is Benghazi, whether it is so many other things.” (end)

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