Trump lacks “coherent foreign policy” – Clinton

WASHINGTON, May 8 (KUNA) — Hillary Clinton on Sunday said that she does not see Donald Trump “having any kind of coherent foreign policy or theory of national security.” “Trump makes statements that I find concerning, whether it is about nuclear weapons or torture or anything else,” Clinton said in a CBS “Face the Nation” interview.
The burden is on the New York billionaire and presumptive Republican presidential nominee “to try to make a case why, when you have had 70 years of American policy under both Republicans and Democrats trying to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons,” she said.
“He is so cavalier, even reckless and dangerous, about how he talks when it comes to nuclear weapons,” Clinton noted.
Clinton also touched on her foreign policy experience as secretary of State from 2009 to 2013 under President Barack Obama.
“The very difficult decisions that I was involved in was putting together the sanctions on Iran that led us to the negotiations that put a lid on their nuclear weapons program, ending one of the conflicts in Gaza by negotiating a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas,” she added.
“I have a very serious and very focused approach to taking care of the nation’s business,” said Clinton, a former US senator from New York and former first lady.
Clinton also said she would not run an “ugly” presidential campaign, noting that she will run a race based on issues and what her agenda is for the American people.
If Clinton is elected in November, she would be the first female US President in history.
Meanwhile, Trump repeated, in an ABC “This Week” interview earlier, his contention that Clinton’s only political asset is “the woman card.” “Hillary Clinton, the only thing she has got going, she plays the woman card 100 percent,” Trump said, adding that “it is her only chance of getting elected. She is going to get hit for it, because it is not appropriate.” Trump also reiterated his call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, saying such a ban would be temporary “until we find out what is going on, because you see hey, the World Trade Center, San Bernardino, we cannot go through this.” “Look at what is happening in Europe, look what is happening in Germany, look at what is happening to Sweden,” Trump said, referring to the Mideast migrants’ refugee crisis.
Criticizing the Iraq military’s past role in the war against the so-called Islamic State (IS), Trump said “we give them equipment, they run. They drop our equipment. The enemy picks up our equipment. It is really sad when the enemy has our equipment, and it is better and newer than the stuff they are using.” (end)

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