Trump expected to become presumptive US Republican presidential nominee by June 7

By Ronald Baygents

WASHINGTON, May 4 (KUNA) — While it became clear on Wednesday that Donald Trump will win the Republican Party presidential nomination, the New York real estate mogul must still complete the US political primary process and capture the 1,237 delegates needed to claim the prize.
After defeating his last remaining Republican rivals, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich, in the Indiana primary on Tuesday, Trump’s delegate total stands at 1,056. Both Cruz and Kasich, realizing that Trump’s nomination is now mathematically inevitable, decided to suspend their campaigns.
Although the names of Cruz and Kasich will still appear on Republican primary ballots this month through early June, voters in those remaining states will cast their votes knowing that only Trump remains in the race.
The remaining Republican contests are Nebraska and West Virginia next Wednesday; Oregon on May 17; Washington state on May 24; and the grand finale on June 7 when the largest US state — California — votes, along with New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota.
The number of delegates are apportioned based on population, which means California and New Jersey are the largest Republican prizes remaining, with California awarding 172 delegates and New Jersey offering 51. Analysts project that Trump will become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on the night of June 7.
He would then become the official nominee when he is nominated and claims the victory at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July.
He would then face the likely Democratic Party presidential nominee, former secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the general election on Nov. 8. The winner of that contest will assume the presidential oath of office on Jan. 20. (end) rm.ibi

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