Syria opposition coalition seeks more active EU role to resolve conflict

Hadi Al Bahra, vice-president of the Coalition
Hadi Al Bahra, vice-president of the Coalition

BRUSSELS, May 23 (KUNA) — A delegation of the Syrian National Coalition currently visiting Brussels has called on the EU to enhance its role to resolve the Syrian conflict.
“The return of stability and political transition in Syria is in the interest of the EU therefore the EU must play a more active role,” Hadi Al Bahra, vice-president of the Coalition, told reporters after a meeting with EU High Representative Federica Mogherini today.
He said the EU has an important role to pressure Russia and the Iranians to play a positive role to fulfill the aspirations of the Syrian people.
“The conflict is not for the sake of power but it is against the tyranny of the regime against human rights of the Syrian people,” said Al Bahra who studied engineering in the US and then worked as CEO of two hospitals in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Al Bahra said the Arab Gulf countries have very important role to play as their national and security interests are directly linked to the Syrian conflict.
“The conflict will have an effect on the future of the region. Therefore the Gulf countries must have a central and active role to push forward the political solution,” he stressed.
The Coalition which is led by its President Anas Al-Abdah will also meet the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee tomorrow. (end)

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