VIENNA, Austria, – Qatar has called for urgent implementation of the resolutions of international legitimacy on subjecting all nuclear facilities in the Middle East to the comprehensive IAEA safeguards, as an essential step for the establishment of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.

This step enhances the effectiveness of the NPT and bolsters nuclear security worldwide.

This came in a Qatar statement, at the International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Security in Vienna, delivered by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al Hammadi, Secretary-General of the Foreign Ministry and the Governor of Qatar, to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Dr. Al Hammadi noted that Qatar, like the other Middle East countries, is alarmed by the presence of nuclear activities in the region, which are not intended for peaceful purposes, and bothered about the grave consequences that threaten international peace and security, by the presence of these activities.

“Qatar calls on the international community for the urgent implementation of the resolutions of international legitimacy, for subjecting all nuclear facilities in the Middle East, to the comprehensive IAEA safeguards,” Dr. Al Hammadi said.

Dr. Al Hammadi also expressed hope that the Conference discussions would crystallise international convictions and cooperation, to promote nuclear security, and give a strong boost to joint international action in other areas

to realise peace, security, and economic well-being for all.–

Source: Nam News Network

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