Spain dissolves Parl't, new elections on June 26

MADRID, May 3 (KUNA) — Spain’s parliament has been dissolved and new elections have been set for June 26, Speaker Patxi Lopez announced on Tuesday.
King Felipe VI today signed a royal decree dissolving the parliament and called for new elections in June, Lopez told reporters at the Congress of Deputies.
The move comes after four months of failed efforts by the parliament leading parties to form a government, unprecedented in the history of Spanish democracy.
“Let’s hope we have all learned our lesson and that the next parliament reaches an agreement as soon as possible,” Lopez, speaker of the outgoing parliament, told a news conference after the king signed the decree in his presence.
The last general elections, held on 20 December 2015, resulted in the most fragmented Spanish parliament in its history.
The People’s Party (PP) emerged as the largest party overall with 123 seats, PSOE obtained 90, Podemos 69 and Ciudadanos 40.
Over the past four months, the parties failed to dissolve the political deadlock in the country and polls expect slight changes in the results of June elections.
Parties will then have to sit and negotiate anew. (end) hnd.msa

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