Serious determination to resolve Yemeni crisis remains up to countries

(Roundup) KUWAIT, May 9 (KUNA) — In light of the ongoing UN-mediated Yemeni peace talks, which kicked off in Kuwait on April 21, a serious determination to achieve a progress in these talks that would eventually lead to a possible comprehensive political solution for the Yemeni crisis, remains up to Arab and foreign countries.
During the Intra-Yemeni talks, Yemeni parties and rivals have held multiple joint sessions of peace negotiations, tackling political and security issues under the supervision of UN Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.
The participating delegations, which represent the Yemeni government, the General People’s Congress, and Ansarullah movement, also looked into a host of political, security, and economic subjects, and exchanged views on a UN-proposed general framework for a comprehensive peace settlement.
The UN Special Envoy has also held a series of bilateral meetings with Yemeni parties, during which they discussed recent developments in Yemen and ways to resolve pending issues. He also met with seven Yemeni female members in the Yemeni Women Pact for Peace and Security community.
Ahmed urged all participants in Yemeni peace talks to intensify all efforts in order to achieve a comprehensive political solution for the ongoing crisis in Yemen.
He also commended the Yemeni delegations for their responsible attitude, saying “I salute the delegations’ cooperation today. There is no doubt that we are at a true crossroads.” “We are either moving towards peace or going back to square one. What I heard from both delegations is promising but we shouldn’t forget that the challenges are enormous and the gap between them is large,” he noted.
In a press statement on Monday, he expressed gratitude to Saudi Arabia for supporting the work of the De-escalation and Coordination Committee and the Local De-escalation Committees.
He further urged other countries to provide support to this process, expressing gratitude to the State of Kuwait as well for its unlimited support to the ongoing consultations at all levels. (pickup previous)

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