Saudi forces intercept ballistic missile fired from Yemen – coalition

RIYADH, May 30 (KUNA) — The Command of the Saudi-led pro-legitimacy in Yemen coalition has announced that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces have intercepted a ballistic missile launched from Yemen towards the Saudi territories.
The missile was intercepted and destroyed before causing any damage, the coalition command said in a press statement Monday evening. It noted that the Saudi Air Forces have immediately destroyed the missile launch platform, which was located inside Yemeni territories.
It added that said that the repetition of the firing of missile towards the territories of the kingdom by the Huthis and the forces of the former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Salah aims at ending the state of calm and aborting the international community’s efforts to ensure the success of Kuwait consultations and expresses failure by these militias to deal positively with all the efforts being made by the coalition and by the international community to save the blood of the brotherly people of Yemen.
Thus, the command of the coalition stresses that the repeated violations of the cease-fire by the Huthis and their associates, targeting the territories of the kingdom and their continued irresponsible practice – despite the policy of restraint followed since the tenth of last April – will force the coalition forces to reconsider the feasibility of continuing that policy and take all necessary measures to defend the sovereignty and territories of the kingdom and defend the gains of the people of Yemen in the framework of Operation Restoration of Hope. (end) od.ibi

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