Saudi Arabia condemns Syrian regime atrocities in Kamouna camp

RIYADH, May 7 (KUNA) — Saudi Arabia has strongly condemned the recent atrocities committed by the Syrian regime at Kamouna camp in Idlib governorate, southwestern Syria, which killed dozens of people, official media reported Saturday.
The crimes perpetrated by Bashar Al-Assad and his forces against innocent civilians in Syria should not be tolerated, a source at Saudi foreign ministry stated, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
These crimes violate the international law and the ethical principles of humanity, the source said, urging the international community to bear its responsibilities and exert all efforts to stop the violence in Syria in order to ensure compliance with the cessation of hostilities and the implementation of Security Council resolution 2254.
It also called the international community to take all actions and measures that ensure the prevention of Syrian civilians’ bloodshed, and lead to a political solution in the country in accordance with the principles of the Geneva Communique. (end)

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