Saraj concludes Tuesday his Algeria's visit.

Saraj concludes Tuesday his Algeria’s visit.Wednsday , 05-10-2016 – 17:44:00

Algiers, 05.10.2016(Lana) President of the Presidency Council, Fayez Saraj concluded Tuesday a two day official visit to Algeria. He was seen off at Hawaro Bomedian Airport by Abdulqadet Mesahle, Algerisn Minister For Maghreb, Arab and African Affairs. Saraj was received earlier Tuesday by Algerian President, Abdulaziz Bautafliqa. In press statement following his audience with Buatafliqa Saraj told the press that the meeting covered developments in Libya, and Algeria’s continued support to his country at this critical juncture. He also praised the historic brotherly relations linking the two countries. Saraj said there are so many partnerships between Lobya and Algeria, be it economic or social or security ones, which needed to be continued. Saraj also held talks with the Algerian Prime Minister, Abdulmalek Salal, during which he praised Algeria’s role and its continued support , stressing that the two countries relations are close and mutual. =Lana=

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