Sanders, Clinton in tight race with California primary in sight

WASHINGTON, May 28 (KUNA) — US Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are expected to have a tight race till the party’s convention late July.
Both Senator Sanders and former Secretary of State Clinton have all their efforts in the most populous and largest delegates offering with 475 in California, dumping millions of dollars on TV advertisements and general campaigning ahead of its primary scheduled on June seventh.
A Sanders win in California may not tip the tally of delegates in his favor, but it might bring doubt for the support that Clinton will receive facing off the presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump next November.
Trump is campaigning California with each of his scheduled appearances expected to generate anti and pro rallies. A survey done by the non-profit Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) concluded that both Sander and Clinton are going to have a tight race in California with Clinton leading 46 percent to 44 percent for Sanders, with the latter being mostly popular among the younger population with a 66 percent rate for those under 45 years and 59 percent for Clinton for 45 plus years.
Interestingly as well, Trump, the only remaining republican candidate, scored only 67 percent among the “most Republican primary likely voters.” The survey also included a likely faceoff between Trump and Clinton with the latter having 49 percent against 39 percent and against Sanders who received 53 percent against 36 percent for Trump.
Republican Party favorability also slid sharply in California since last December according to PPIC with an average of 23 percent favorability compared to the largely unchanged Democratic favorability in the state with 51 percent. (end) yt.gta

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