Participants call for concerted efforts to resolve women refugees' issues

CAIRO, May 3 (KUNA) — A number of participants at a conference of Arab Women’s Organization (AWO) stressed necessity of concerted efforts regionally and internationally so as to resolve issues of internally and externally displaced women in Arab region.
In a speech on Tuesday, Secretary General of the Arab Organization for Human Rights Alaa Shalabi said interacting with refugees’ crises needs international cooperation and providing economic aid to host countries, mainly the ones suffering from economic difficulties.
The current crisis can’t be settled without resolving its roots and causes, he said, affirming that this needs an international consensus and tremendous efforts.
He stressed the need to stop immediately hostilities which lead to further bloodshed and aggravate the issues of asylum and displacement.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Ahmad Nouh, head of Arab League’s national security research department, said that the world recognized, through international, regional and governmental organizations, people’s rights of asylum and migration since the 1940s.
He stressed that the international law calls for the provision of protection and dignified conditions for women refugees, adding that the law also obliges all host countries to abide by international conventions in this regard and calls on them to be compatible with international standards.
He indicated that Arab national security is facing a number of political and economic challenges.
Ahmad Youssef, a professor at Cairo University, called for exerting further efforts to alleviate suffering of refugees and resolving their problems. (Pickup previous)

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