Outstanding Students Centre opened for the Mountain area.

Outstanding Students Centre opened for the Mountain area.Wednsday , 28-12-2016 – 17:39:00

Jadu, 28.12.2016(Lana) ِThe Centre for Outstanding Students, was opened in Jadu to serve students from the Mountain area. The opening ceremony, was attended by the member of the Nationals Board for Welfare of Outstanding and Talented, Najat Al Zelitni, and head of the committee for preparing and equipping the Centre for Outstanding Students in the Mountain, Salem Al badrani, and Educational affairs Official in jadu, Salem Al Hazhazi, several directors of educational institutions at basic and intermediate levels, teaching staff at the centre besides parents. Following the opening ceremony, Najat Al Zelitni toured the centre along with the head of the committee assigned to prepare and equip the centre, who briefed her about the classrooms and the scientific labs. =Lana=

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