One Turkish policeman killed, 13 injured in police border station attack

ISTANBUL, May 1 (KUNA) — One police officer has been killed and 13 others injured in a booby-trapped car bombing targeting a police station in Gaziantep city on Sunday.
Local media quoted Turkish security sources as saying medics rushed to the scene and all casualties were transferred to a nearby hospital.
Footage from the broadcaster CNN Turk showed pieces of a wrecked vehicle near the building’s gates and several ambulances and fire brigade trucks at the scene.
Meanwhile, Turkish military chief of staff said three soldiers were killed during military operations against the outlawed PKK militants in Mardin.
Fourteen soldiers were injured in another attack by armed Kurds in Nusbin, the military said in a statement on its website.
On another front, Turkish security forces raised the level of preparation to the highest, ahead of protests that coincide with the Labor Day in Istanbul, as around 25,000 policemen were dispatched in various parts of the city.
Turkish news agency (Ihlas) said many main roads in the city will be shut down due to security precautions, including the famous Taksim square and the metro station.
Authorities, as in previous years, have refused to allow a sanctioned protest to take place on Taksim Square due to fears of clashes. (end) ta.mb

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