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Information Minister Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah with senior guests at the Arab Media Forum
Information Minister Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah with senior guests at the Arab Media Forum

KUWAIT, May 1 (KUNA) — Information Minister Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah said Sunday the Arab Media Forum was a venue to discuss how media were affecting people’s lives.
Sheikh Salman, also Minister of State for Youth, said Kuwait’s media strategy aimed at addressing citizens’ issues and allowing nationals to express themselves in a manner that highlight their identity, citizenship, tolerance and unity.
Sheikh Salman, representing His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, who was sponsoring the forum, warned against dangers facing “our youth and their nation by spreading the culture of violence and extremism.” He called on Arab countries to join hands to address these dangers, urging participants in the forum to explore ideas that would promote media action against extremism.
Jordanian Information Minister Dr. Mohammad Al-Moumni said the forum was an excellent venue to highlight Jordan’s media experience.
He said the Arab countries should confront the media which aimed at undermining security and stability of people and communities.
Al-Moumni said every Arab country should have a group of specialists to determine what kind of messages the media should convey.
Al-Moumni, shedding light on media laws in Jordan, said his country was the first Arab country that gave the journalist the right to get information from all officials regardless of their ranks.
He said media means have a great role to play against terrorists and extremists.
Jordan, he added, was highlighting the true image of Islam which was open to civilizations and cultures.
He meanwhile said Kuwait and Jordan were coordinating over a host of political issues including the importance of strengthening security and stability of the region.
Kuwait and Jordan, said Al-Moumni, shared the views over the peace process in the Middle East, ending the Israeli-Arab conflict and condemning Israeli measures in Al-Aqsa Mosque.
The two countries are bound by over 25 cooperation agreements and protocols, he said, and thanked Kuwait for its contributions to development in Jordan, and assistance to the Syrian refugees.
Secretary General of the Arab Media Forum Madhi Al-Khamees said media were seeking unity of people rather than disunity. (pickup previous)

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