Libyan Airlines suspends flights over kidnapping.

Libyan Airlines suspends flights over kidnapping.Wednsday , 26-10-2016 – 15:02:00

Tripoli, 26.10.2016 (Lana) Libyan Airlines has announced suspending its flights for three days as of today Wednesday in protest against the kidnapping of its Chairman Fathi Al-Shatti in Tripoli by armed group. The Airline company spokesman, Saad Abu Khattwa said in press statement that; the airlines board responded to the calls by air transport traded unions to stop flights by the company, until security agencies move quickly and address the case of the chairman of the Libyan airlines. Abu Khattwa said the partial suspension of the flights for three days as of dawn Wednesday to mid-day for three days. he confirmed, however, that scheduled flights during the suspension time would be deferred to evening period. =Lana=

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