Kuwait's youth experiences world's fastest train in Japan

By Miyoko Ishigami

NAGOYA, Japan, May 27 (KUNA) — A Kuwaiti delegation of young manufacturing professionals lead by Dr. Souhaila Al-Mutawa, faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Kuwait University (KU), experienced the world’s fastest magnetic-levitation (maglev) train in Japan.
At the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park in the central Japanese city of Nagoya, the 11-member delegation tested a simulation of travelling at 500 kilometers per hour (kph) through a superconducting maglev simulator. Maglev train does not have an engine that pulls it, but the train floats 10 centimeters above the track propelled using the basic principles of electromagnetism.
Currently, the maglev train is designed to reach speeds of more than 500 kph with the future target at 1,000 kph, and may eventually replace air travel.
Japan is a global pioneer and leader of this high-speed rail system. Central Japan Railway plans to launch the maglev line between Tokyo and Nagoya around 2027, which will cover the 285-kilometer journey in 40 minutes, down from the current 95 minutes.
“The delegation learned about the history of rail transportation and the importance of infra-structure development in any growing city,” Dr. Al-Mutawa told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after the visit to the exhibit. In addition to the cutting-edge maglev simulator, the museum hosts a range of learning experiences, such as carriages of historical bullet trains and those of conventional lines.
“I was impressed with Japanese technological applications. I experienced 100 percent 4G mobile coverage including in tunnels, elevators, basements, and trains,” said Hesham Al-Baqer, a network specialist at Zain Mobile Telecommunication Co. For his part, Khaleefah Al-Qallaf, a workshop director at Kuwait University, said the Japanese apply high technology only when necessary. “If a simple solution can be found to solve a problem, then it will be applied so that there are no wasted resources,” Al-Qallaf noted.
The delegation is currently on a weeklong tour in Japan visiting manufacturing-related facilities and factories. According to Dr. Al-Mutawa, the goal of this technical trip is to create a lasting impression through first-hand experience. Under Kuwait’s Vision 2035, the nation is pushing forward transport-infrastructure projects, along with other strategic and mega projects covering such areas as oil and gas, electricity and water, education, housing, tourism, media, health and environment. (end) mk.gta

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