Kuwaiti delegation learns world's famous production system in Japan

By Miyoko Ishigami TOYOTA (Japan) May 30 (KUNA) — A Kuwaiti delegation of manufacturing professionals made a study tour to Toyota City in central Japan, where they learned Toyota Motor Corp’s famous lean production system and innovative technologies.
At Toyota’s Motomachi Plant and Kaikan Museum, they discovered how different models of Toyota cars are produced on the same production line to promptly respond to customer orders. The group was led by Dr. Souhaila Al-Mutawa, faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Kuwait University. In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after the tour, Dr. Al-Mutawa explained that Toyota applies the principles of “lean manufacturing system,” also known as the Toyota Production System. It is a management concept based on two key principles — Jidoka, which is translated as “automation with a human touch,” and the Just-in-Time system, according to Dr. Al-Mutawa. The system is widely considered as one of the most efficient self-correcting manufacturing systems in the world.
The group learned how body parts are welded using high technology robotic arms. “I was captivated with the welding robots as they moved smoothly through the air without any wasted motion,” said Yaser Al-Kazemi, an engineer at Kuwait University.
The delegation also observed the final stages of the assembly line. “I was impressed with how each component arrives only when needed,” said Mohammad Nabil, a plant maintenance engineer at the refrigeration industries company Coolex. “This process is complicated by the fact that diverse models of vehicles which require different components are produced on the same assembly line,” Nabil added.
The visit ended in the museum, where Dr. Al-Mutawa and the delegates viewed the latest Toyota vehicle models, the single seat concept vehicle (i-unit), and Toyota’s violin playing robot that was unveiled at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.
The 11-member team has just wrapped up their unique tour to Japan after visiting a number of manufacturing-related facilities and factories. According to Dr. Al-Mutawa, the goal of their technical trip was to create a lasting impression through first-hand experience. (end) mk.gta

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