Kuwait eager to streamline telecom, IT sector — official

GENEVA, May 28 (KUNA) — Kuwait has taken it upon itself to do all that is needed to improve the telecommunication and IT sector as it assumes prominence in numerous aspects of the nation’s economic development plans, said a Kuwaiti official on Saturday.
This statement was made by Kuwaiti Telecommunications and Information Technology Public Authority President Salem Al-Uthaina, addressing a meeting of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), whose functions began last Wednesday and is due to continue through next Thursday.
In a step to upgrade the telecommunication sector, Kuwait has established a Telecommunications and Information Technology Public Authority (which he heads) to keep abreast of the latest applications of communication that would be of use to the Kuwaiti public, said Al-Uthaina.
The telecom market in Kuwait forms at this time about five percent of the nation’s GDP, with a percentage of public usage topping a whopping 220, he said. This means that an individual in Kuwait possesses no less than two phone lines of the caliber of G3 and G4, launching Kuwait to be the second nation worldwide in the percentage of usage of telecom services, he pointed out.
As for smart phones, he indicated that their usage in Kuwait has reached 70 percent of the market which, he said, is a high percentage and indicative of the Kuwaiti public’s penchant for high tech communication devices. (end) ta.ajs

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