Kuwait chairs AAEA general conf.

By Khaled Jabar

TUNIS, May 22 (KUNA) — Kuwait’s Minister of Electricity and Water Ahmad Al-Jassar chaired on Sunday, the 28th session of the General Conference of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA), as the agency’s 2017-2018 budget was announced, and voting began to elect a new AAEA Director General.
The use of atomic energy was very instrumental to economic and social growth all across the globe, Al-Jassar said in a speech to open the conference.
Moreover, Al-Jassar noted that AAEA is hard at work to promote the merits of atomic energy use, while it aims to encourage further cooperation amongst Arab nations in that regard.
Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti minister also added that Kuwait would spare no effort to ensure that the conference would result in success, which would prove beneficial to the use of atomic energy in the Arab world as a whole.
In a statement to KUNA, Al-Jassar said that voting to elect a new AAEA Director General ended in a tie between Tunisian Dr. Salem Hamadi and Jordanian Riyadh Al-Bitar, with each clinching six votes. “The AAEA will decide on this issue by next December,” he noted.
The Kuwaiti minister said that the AAEA budget for the years 2017-2018 was amongst the primary issues discussed at the conference, adding that the budget remained unchanged to cope with economic challenges. He also added that Kuwait is allocating an annual share of USD 280 thousand as part of that budget.
Formed in 1989, the AAEA is tasked with promoting safe usage of atomic energy in the Arab world, as it advocates the use nuclear plants that harvest such energy. The agency has held a plethora of workshops and programs with the aim of spreading word on those aims. (end) ksj.nam

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