Kobler: first gathering of municipal Council female members wonderful initiative.

Kobler: first gathering of municipal Council female members wonderful initiative.Tuesday , 06-12-2016 – 16:25:00

Tripoli, 06.12.2016(Lana) Head of UNSMIL, Martin Kobler congratulated the GNA Local Government Ministry for organizing the first gathering of municipal council ladies. Kobler considered the gathering as shedding light on the leading role of Libyan women. In a tweet in his personal twitter account, Sunday, Kobler said it was a wonderful initiative to remind us all that women should have equal rights in decision making and capable of realizing stability and peace and security in Libya. On his part, Vice- President of Presidency Council, Ahmed Maitiaq said the convening of the gathering confirms the resolve of women to contribute and participate effectively in the building of new Libya. Addressing the gathering, Maitiaq expressed pride in Libyan women who managed to prove success and excel. Libyan women would be an example for coming generations, so they shoulder the responsibility of projecting the ideal example of women making the initiative and participation in society’s affairs. =Lana=

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