Ki-moon calls for wisdom, flexibility to end Yemeni war

DOHA, May 22 (KUNA) — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on clashing Yemeni parties to show the flexibility and wisdom needed to end the current war.
In his speech at the 16th Doha Forum late Saturday, Ki-moon thanked Kuwait and Qatar for hosting the UN-sponsored Yemeni peace talks and for supporting the organization’s efforts to end the conflict.
Meanwhile, he noted that “130 million people need life-saving humanitarian assistance”. “War and persecution have forced 60 million people from their homes”, he added.
The UN chief called on all parties to commit to the international agreements in order to resolve different humanitarian issues. In this matter, he especially mentioned the Paris Agreement on climate change that can help avoid disasters and create “an era of low-carbon growth”.
Ki-moon also spoke of the Syrian crisis, noting the continuous killing of civilians and the prevention of humanitarian aid delivery by Al-Assad’s regime.
He stressed on the necessity of an immediate ceasefire in the country to reach a peaceful solution.
The official, meanwhile, mentioned the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul on Sunday. “The Summit is a chance for all of us — Governments, humanitarians and business leaders to agree on ways to better protect people, ensure access to those in need and build resilience”, he said. (end)

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