IS attack that killed US service member 'breached' Peshmerga line– Pentagon

WASHINGTON, May 4 (KUNA) — The attack by the so-called Islamic State (IS) that killed a US service member “breached” a territorial line held by Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces near Tal Asquf in northern Iraq, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
“There were at least 125 enemy fighters involved in this fairly complicated, complex attack. So it was a big fight, one of the largest we’ve seen recently,” said US Army Col. Steven Warren said in a briefing.
The US believes IS’ intent was to seize the town of Tal Asquf when it “covertly” assembled “enough force, which included the several truck bombs, some bulldozers, and of course their infantry.” During the time of the attack, US forces were conducting advise and assist meetings with Peshmerga leaders, “so it was really just a matter of timing,” said Warren.
“Our forces automatically became kind of embroiled in the ensuing battle. They rapidly called for the quick reaction force and continued on the fight until that service member was shot and then medevaced (medically evacuated) out,” he added.
The Peshmerga also suffered casualties but since regained control of Tal Asquf.
The IS “has suffered a string of defeats recently” and “when they have suffered several defeats in a row…they will try one of these more high-profile, high- visibility attacks in an effort to gain some attention,” Warren said. (end) ak.ibi

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