Fortified Structure forces frees two hostages from Daesh.

Fortified Structure forces frees two hostages from Daesh.Wednsday , 19-10-2016 – 15:55:00

Serte, 19.10.2016(Lana) Fortified Structure forces assigned to liberate Serte from Daesh terrorist organization, freed two hostages imprisoned by Daesh. Fortified Structure military source said the two hostages were two Libyan citizens from Serte found in a house in Manara district known as the camp. They were tied and blindfolded and were hungry and thirsty. They said they were beaten and tortured by Daesh. The source told Lana reporter in Serte, that the two hostages were freed after hearing their pleas from their prison before they were found distressed. Fortified Structure Forces found recently several prisoners including foreigners in one of Daesh prisoners in Serte. =Lana=

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