Final phase of Lebanese municipal elections ends

BEIRUT, May 29 (KUNNA) — The fourth and final stage of Lebanon’s elections for municipal and mayoral councils at North and Akkar governorates have ended successfully and peacefully, Lebanese interior ministry announced Sunday.
The voting turnout in the two governorates reached 45.3 percent of the total 850,000 voters, the ministry said in a statement following the end of the electoral process.
No incidents of fire exchange or injuries were reported during the country’s municipal and mayoral elections in all governorates, which kicked off on May 8th, the ministry said, adding that some 700 complaints and inquiries were resolved during the elections’ final phase.
The final stage of the local Lebanese elections for municipal and mayoral councils began earlier at around 273 towns and cities in the North and Akkar governorates.
Some 5,976 candidates are competing to gain membership in the municipal council in the two governorates. A total of 1,553 candidates are competing for 740 mayoral seats.
The municipal and mayoral elections include the city of Tripoli, the largest town in North governorate, and the second largest Lebanese city, as polling centers opened to receive 176,000 voters to pass their votes in the municipal council which consists of 24 members, and 51 mayors distributed in various neighborhoods of the city.
Lebanon witnessed during the past few weeks the first stages of the municipal and mayoral elections for candidacy period of 6 years in six various Lebanese governorates. (pickup previous)

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