Face book & its unexpected mistake to send Lahore explosion Safety Checks to users in many other areas

Face book! You don’t have a space to mistake

As the world has been going through a decisive phase of getting rid of terrorism that has increased a lot in the recent, no media outlet and any social media platform have a space to commit a mistake to misguide common people. This is what all the media outlets and social media platforms should focus on, because one single inauthentic news can bring many hazardous outcomes, which is the ultimate objective of different terrorist groups all across the world. The media and most specifically the social media has its biggest responsibility in this current phase of coping with terrorism, and one of the responsibilities, is to reveal only authentic information regarding any event. This is what Face book intended to do after the attack in Lahore, which is a city of Pakistan, but accidentally Face book’s this positive initiative went against of what it was meant to be, as Face book started sending Safety Check Notifications to people that were in other areas.

Face book’s official take on it

However, we cannot blame Face book that it has done it deliberately, as the intention of Face book was much clearer and it aimed to keep users stay informed about that sad incident, which took the lives of many children and women at that park in Lahore. After committing that biggest mistake, the management of Face book has come up with an apology for sending Safety Check Notifications to people of many other areas and it also includes the United States and United Kingdom. One can think of how intense situation, it was for the Face book’s users of both these two countries as just a few days ago the Brussels attack took place, so at least Face book has come up with an apology and it reveals that being a leading tech giant, Face book understands its responsibilities.

Why actually did people get confused?

If you get any latest information regarding any event or any incident, definitely it will not cause you any sort of problem, but what if that anyone sends you an S.M.S about any explosion without pointing out its location and asks you whether you have got affected by it or not, definitely it will give you the mental stress and get you confused. The same thing took place for the Face book users of the United States and United Kingdom and that compelled Face book to apologize from all those users. Face book launched Safety Check back in October 2014 and it has been designed to ask users of affected areas to come up with saying that they are ok and indeed it is a helpful feature of Face book, yet it gets sometimes out of order and that happened after Lahore attack.