Clinton outlines “ambitious goals” for US economy

WASHINGTON, June 27 (KUNA) — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday outlined “ambitious goals” for the US economy that would “make the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II.” In a campaign speech in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she appeared alongside liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Clinton called for investing in infrastructure like Republican President Dwight Eisenhower did with the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s.
“That is when Republicans used to believe in building America and putting Americans to work,” she said. “That is what we are going to do again.” Clinton also endorsed the goal of making college debt-free for everyone, as well as “rewriting the rules so more companies share profits with their employees, not just their executives, instead of shipping profits and jobs overseas.
“And let’s set the goal of making sure that Wall Street and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes,” she said. “No millionaire should pay a lower tax rate than somebody working for him, like his secretary.” Clinton said she would not raise taxes on the middle class, “but we are going to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy.
“As president, I will work to reward companies that share profits with their employees, on top of paying a good wage,” she said.
“Because if they can do it for their executives, they sure can do it for their workers.” Her administration will encourage companies to invest in worker training and build high-quality apprenticeship programs “where you earn while you learn,” Clinton said. “And we will strengthen unions, because they are the bedrock of a strong middle class in America.
“When companies take taxpayer dollars with one hand and give out pink slips with the other and ship hundreds of jobs overseas, we are going to make them pay back those tax benefits, and we are going to take that money and reinvest it in workers and communities, and we are going to slap an exit tax on companies that move their headquarters overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes,” she said.
She noted that her administration also would “ensure we have the most competitive auto and auto parts industries in the world.
“And when we invest in infrastructure, we are not just going to be investing in roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, transit and water systems; we are going to connect every home to high-speed broadband so they can get into the global marketplace.” On climate change, Clinton said she would make America “the clean-energy superpower of the 21st century.” She promised to raise the national minimum wage, saying that USD 7.25 an hour “is a poverty wage. Workers deserve better.” “Let’s learn how to listen to each other and work together again,” said Clinton, who served as US senator from New York. “I know Democrats and Republicans can work together. I know it, because I have done it.
“I proudly served as Secretary of State, and I did not just represent Democrats,” she said. “I represented all Americans, because you know what? We are all on the same team. It is time we start acting like it. There is no limit to what we can achieve if we do”. (end) rm.hb

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