Broad meeting of mayors at municipal level.

Broad meeting of mayors at municipal level.Wednsday , 28-12-2016 – 17:28:00

Jadu, 28.12.2016(Lana) Participants in the broad meeting of mayors of municipalities at national level hosted by Jadu underlined that the municipalities are the effective local administration on which the public relies for their affairs. speeches made at the meeting underscoring the need to work seriously and efficiently to mitigate difficulties and address bottleneck facing the public and impact their lives. The speeches pointed out to the obstacles facing municipal work, and ways to find work mechanism to enable them carry out their tasks. They urged for taking note the successful experiments adopted by some friendly and sisterly countries who had undergone similar experiences. A presentation was also made about activities carried out by the National Association of Municipal Councils ever since its foundation and a film about efforts made by municipalities especially regarding rallying of efforts and national reconciliation. =Lana=

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