Austrians head to election polls to choose new Pres.

VIENNA, May 22 (KUNA) — Austrians headed to election polls Sunday to elect a new President for their country after 12 years of rule for President Heinz Fischer.
Some six million voters are expected to take part in the second phase of the elections which saw two candidates Norbert Hofer, of the far-right Freedom Party, and Alexander Van der Bellen, of the Green Party, coming out strong in the initial phase held on April 24. Independent hopeful Irmegard Griss is also heavily competing against his two rivals Hofer and Van der Bellen.
The Austrian Interior Ministry said that 100 local and international media outlets were given permission to cover the event.
The initial results for about 90 percent of the votes are expected to be revealed by 6:00 p.m. local-time while the official outcome will be announced by the Interior Ministry on Monday.
The president of Austria has limited powers, which is a parliamentary republic.
However, the president appoints the country’s chancellor on the basis of results of parliamentary elections and offers him to form a cabinet. (end) amq.gta

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