Arab League takes procedural steps towards Syrian crisis — Kuwait's delegate

Kuwait's permanent representative at the Arab League Ambassador Ahmad Al-Baker
Kuwait’s permanent representative at the Arab League Ambassador Ahmad Al-Baker

CAIRO, May 4 (KUNA) — The Council of Arab League, at the permanent delegates level, took some procedural steps towards serious developments of the Syrian crisis, mainly recent incidents in Aleppo, said Kuwait’s delegate to the league on Wednesday.
Concluding the extraordinary session of the league, Ambassador Ahmad Al-Baker told KUNA that among these steps is the activation of the Arab committee’s role tasked with Syria’s affairs.
He referred to resorting to the UN Security Council to stop immediately these hostilities against Syrian cities, mainly Aleppo, and allow access for humanitarian aid to the besieged areas so as to alleviate suffering of Syrian people.
He urged the international community and countries sponsoring the peace talks to act to enforce the cessation of hostilities agreement to help ease Syrians’ suffering.
He affirmed that Kuwait has been playing a key role since the outbreak of the Syria’s crisis to alleviate Syrians’ suffering when it hosted three international humanitarian pledging conferences for Syria and co-chaired the fourth one in London. Problems of delivering aid to Syrians was among issues discussed in the meeting, he said, noting that conferees agreed to ask the Arab Group in New York to conduct necessary contacts and consultations regarding this matter.
He pointed out that Syria’s crisis is a complicated and thorny file, adding the meeting was held to find an urgent solution to hostilities in Aleppo.
In the final communique, the council, at the permanent delegates level, condemned the “brutal” practices of the Syrian regime against civilians in Aleppo and all citizens across Syria.
Such massacres committed by the regime is a flagrant violation of the Geneva conventions and humanitarian law, said the communique, condemning also all acts committed by all terrorist groups and organizations like the so-called Islamic State (IS) against civilians.
It called for brining those, who committed brutal acts against civilians in Aleppo and other cities, to justice.
The communique called on the Security Council to assume its full responsibility so as to maintain peace and security, and work on implementing hastily the resolutions of 2254 and 2268 calling for the ceasefire across Syria.
It urged the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) to intensify efforts and continue endeavors to apply the resolutions of Geneva I and Vienna talks on Syria.
The council also welcomed political endeavors and diplomatic efforts aiming to reach an immediate ceasefire and stop hostilities which ensure continued negotiations process in order to find a solution to the crisis and meet Syrians’ aspirations, it said. (Pick up previous)

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