Arab League Secretary General convenes tripartite meeting.

Arab League Secretary General convenes tripartite meeting.Monday , 24-10-2016 – 21:07:00

Cairo, 24.10.2016(Lana) Arab League Secretary-general, Ahmed Abu Ghiat, convenes Tuesday a tripartite meeting to push for a settlement to the Libyan political crisis. Arab League spokesman said the meeting would include former Tanzanian President, the High Representative of the African Union to Libya and Martin Kobler the UN Special Representative to Libya, Martin Kobler. The spokesman said the meeting is aimed at unifying and coordinating Arab and African and international efforts to encourage political dialogue among all Libyan parties and secure necessary regional and international support. He also said the meeting is to follow up the outcomes on which consensus reached by Arab and western countries which took part in the ministerial meeting held on Libya on September 22 at the sideline of UN National Assembly. =Lana=

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