AP deputy speaker stresses need to care for youth

Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament (AP) Mohammad Al-Jabri
Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament (AP) Mohammad Al-Jabri

CAIRO, May 30 (KUNA) — Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament (AP) Mohammad Al-Jabri stressed the importance of paying much attention to Arab youth through spreading moderation and justice, and enhancing tolerance of Islam.
Addressing the fifth session of the first legislative term on Monday, Al-Jabri said “this will protect our youth from adopting terrorist and extremist ideas”.
The accelerated incidents affect stability and security of the Arab countries, he said, adding that the waves of terrorism extended to claim the lives of innocents, and to violate houses and places of worship.
He stressed the need to realize that “we are facing a terrorist thought, in addition to the armed one”.
He affirmed that there is a strenuous and long battle against terrorism, calling for promoting cooperation to achieve the goals in this regard.
“We are closely following up situations in Iraq and supporting its efforts aiming to combat terrorism and make national reconciliation,” he told attendees.
On Yemen, he called on Ansarullah movement to further abide by the truce and not to hinder the UN-brokered peace negotiations currently hosted by Kuwait so as to reach a comprehensive political solution to the country’s crisis.
As for Palestine, he said Israeli intransigence has remained a main cause of fueling movements of extremism and violence in the region.
He called on the international community to take into consideration barbarism and brutality of Israel and hold it accountable for these acts.
On Syria, Al-Jabri underlined the significance of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and abidance by a political solution to put an end to the crisis. (Pick up previous) msh.rgh.hm

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