Al-Jarallah: 12,000 Kuwaitis reap rewards of new visa system in three months

LONDON, May 26 (KUNA) — A new electronic visa system has paved the way for some 12,000 Kuwaiti nationals to visit Britain during the last three months, Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Suleiman Al-Jarallah revealed on Thursday.
Al-Jarallah disclosed this information in a statement to KUNA after signing a work plan of a joint British and Kuwait committee, alongside British Minister of Middle East and North African Affairs Tobias Ellwood.
“We continue to work with our British partners to eliminate any hindrances Kuwaiti travelers to Britain, including students and patients, are faced with,” Al-Jarallah noted, thanking British officials for their support.
We have agreed to boost cooperation between both nations for the betterment our peoples, Al-Jarallah said.
Moreover, Ellwood said that he is gratified to have received the Kuwaiti delegation, headed by the Deputy Foreign Minister.
Speaking to KUNA, Ellwood described a recent meeting of the joint committee as “fruitful”, saying it had provided “ample opportunities for further cooperation between both countries in numerous fields, including education, healthcare and energy.” On the issue of facilitating visas for Kuwait patients in Britain, Ellwood said, ” this issue is currently being reviewed and we seek to address it in a way where the visa system would not be an impediment to the transportation of citizens of both nations.” (end) mrn.nam

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