Monthly Archives: January 2015

Storm leads to ferry cancellations in Istanbul

ISTANBUL: Istanbul Sea Buses and Fast Ferries Inc. (IDO) announced that it cancelled its ferry tours routes due to storm on Saturday.

Acting on data released by the Meteorology Office which said a heavy storm …

Heavy storm starts to paralyze daily life in Istanbul

ISTANBUL: An estimated storm started to hit Marmara region of Turkey with cancellations of sea and air transportation.

According to data released by the Meteorology Office winds will reach speed of 90 km/h and 100 …

Cihan News Agency Diary-Saturday, January 31, 2015

ISTANBUL: Monitoring situation after Kurdish forces pushed back the Islamic State group.

TURKEY/STORM: A storm which affected Marmara region of Turkey paralyzed sea and air transportation.

ITALIA/ 12 TH PRESIDENT: Italian Parliament will elect 12th …

Two of 24 policemen detained in Izmir op arrested by court

IZMIR: An Izmir court decided to arrest two of the police officers out of 24 on Saturday who were detained in the western province of Izmir over illegal wiretapping claims in a government-orchestrated operation launched …

Strong wind rips of roofs in western Turkey

BURSA: As heavy storm which began to hit Marmara region of Turkey, strong wind ripped off roof of many buildings in Bursa province, which was recorded by security cam on Saturday.

In the video, roof …