zercosmos in SatCom Africa 2014

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan’s space agency “Azercosmos” participated in SatCom Africa 2014, Africa’s leading satellite and telecommunications exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa.

During the exhibition, which was held on May 20-21 a delegate of Azercosmos members met with the representatives of more than 20 global and African telecommunication companies and informed them about the Azerspace-1 satellite, Azerbaijan’s first telecommunication satellite.

Azercosmos also held discussions with its European partners on offering services such as IP trunking, GSM backhaul and teleport solutions to their end customers.

The company impressed the visitors with its sale services in terms of provision of prompt technical assistance on the requests of the interested parties.

Participation of Azercosmos in various industrial events and exhibitions worldwide has popularizes its current and future satellite projects as well as strengthened its position as a leading brand.

Azerspace-1 telecommunication satellite, which was launched in February 2013, is operated by the premier satellite operator in Caucasus region Azercosmos.

The satellite was designed to offer digital broadcasting services, internet access, and data transmission. It has also set up multiservice VSAT networks and offers governmental communication services.

Azerspace-1covers Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and North Africa. Some 80 percent of the satellite’s resources are available for commercial purposes.

Azerspace-1’s term of operation in the orbit will be up to 15 years. Baku is expected to earn $500-600 million by operating the satellite.


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