Young musicians perform at Int’l Mugham Center

By: Laman Sadigova

International Mugham Center follows its tradition of supporting young artists and hosting their concerts.

An annual concert of Baku music schools’ students, who are also members of the Educational Center “Istedad”, was held at the Center this week. The concert was dedicated to Azerbaijan’s National Revival Day.

The Mugham Center welcomed the audience representing all ages, including musicians’ relatives and friends.

This evening Jale Ismayilova, Javid Rasulov, Fatima Valiyeva, Ulkar Rustamli, Heyri Mammadli, Khadija Mirgulamly, Hyashim Hyashimov, Elnara Tagizadeh, Behman Mehta Muhammedalizadeh, Fizza Velizadeh, Suada Hajizadeh, Emil Ahmadzadeh, Lala Ibrahimova, Ayan Mammadli Jahangir Aliyev, Ali Huseynov, Shamil Omarli and Shukur Omarli made brilliant performances. They performed works of Azerbaijani and foreign composers such as S. Askerov, A. Melikov, M.Mirzaev, F. Amirov, IA Albenisa, Debussy, Kapustin N. and others.

Each performance was accompanied by loud applauses. Many of them were very excited, but as soon as their fingers touched the instrument, the excitement disappeared.

“I am sure that each of them has a great future,” said People’s Artist Zahra Guliyeva, and, indeed, they surely have.

“Istedad” Center, which can be named as a venue of professional training and creative individuals, was established by the Culture and Tourism Office. The center is chaired by Azerbaijani People’s Artist, professor of the department of stringed instruments at the Baku Music Academy Zahra Guliyeva, who has extensive experience in working with talented and motivated children.

Center’s protégées are young musicians, who perform at national and international competitions. Together with their teachers, these talented musicians take an active part in the cultural life of the capital.


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