‘You Are Hysterical’, Ibinabo Blasts Clarion Chukwurah

Funsho Arogundade

The brewing cold war between two of Nigerias leading ladies in the movie industry, Ibinabo Fiberesinma, the national president, Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, and Clarion Chukwurah, seasoned actress, is taking a new shape as both now throw jibes at each other in the media.

•Clarion Chukwurah


P.M.NEWS Entertainment Cafe learnt that the bone of contention is the presidency of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN. And this phase of the drama began last week with Clarion taking a swipe at Ibinabo for her relationship with the Presidency and accused her of using the AGN’s platform for personal aggrandizement. But Ibinabo would have none of that as she slammed the veteran actress, describing her “unfortunate outburst” as being “hysterical”.

“If one thing has become clear about your intentions, it is that you are just being hysterical and you have decided to raise the specter of ‘politrickal’ divide to prepare the way for your next course of action -which is to assume Leadership of the Guild. And I ask, which Guild? The same AGN that you openly declared was non-existent or the one you failed to join until a few days ago because of your intent to contest the Presidency,” Ibinabo stated in an open letter made available to P.M.NEWS Entertainment Cafe.

She added: “I have to correct the falsehood and erroneous impression that your very unfortunate and jaundiced views might create in the minds of members of the Guild, stakeholders and the public.”

But Clarion had claim that she has no personal grouse with Ibinabo but the good of the movie industry.

“I do not have anything whatsoever against Ibinabo Fiberesima. Ibinabo as a person. She is a friend of mine. I have known her since the 80s when she was running a night club. So, Ibinabo Fiberesima, as a person, is not the issue. The issue is that she succeeded in a very commendable field which is getting an appointment to see the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at a time like this when the President is engaged in all fronts. It was a mighty opportunity that was given to her on a platter of gold. My grouse is what did she do with it? It’s about the Actors Guild of Nigeria,” Clarion said in an interview.

She pointed out that Ibinabo’s appointment by President Goodluck Jonathan as a board member of the Council of Arts and Culture negates the neutrality of her office as the leader of Nigerian Actors’ Guild.

“Ibinabo Fiberesima led a delegation to see President Jonathan as AGN president. This is the constitution as amended for herwhich part of this constitution did she use that visit to actualize? She asked for a political appointment which is an attempt to destroy the guild. AGN is not a group established for lobbying for political offices. This is an association of creative people, not politicians. The constitution says, ‘We, the actors of the acting profession in Nigeria. We’re not politicians, so AGN is not a political group. actors are creative people.”

She continued: “You did not ask the president to look into the private sector fulfilling what’s in the Nigerian constitution for the art in Nigeria for AGN, by speaking out that in the Nigerian constitution there is a proviso that once you’re running a business, a private company that’s a conglomerate or corporation or whatever, you have to be investing a certain percentage of your earnings in the artThis industry started as commerce driven, it didn’t start as a political party. You didn’t ask the president for support on issues of legislation that could bring all the screen actors in Nigeria under one single body so that an enabling environment could be put in place for casting agencies for jobs for actors. You went there to ask for a political appointment and a national secretariat in Abuja,” Clarion said as she called her to resign from her position as AGN leader  as she can’t hold both positions at the same time.

She added that Ibinabo doesn’t understand the real needs and essence of the Nollywood industry since she has not been consistent as an actor on the movie scene.

“While it is not surprising that Ibinabo would display such lack of knowledge of what screen actors in the developed world possess, since she has not functioned consistently as an actor and has less than ten titles to her credit in a career spanning from the late eighties,” she said.

In replying Clarion, Ibinabo said she will still restrain herself from employing foul words against her senior colleague, but that Clarion needn’t go that far.

“I am very accessible. Members of the guild can attest to that. If you truly mean well and had all those great ideas to share, all you would have done was to avail yourself of the various platforms that we have in the Guild to call me to orderBut you didn’t do any of these. Instead you decided to engage in a macabre dance and I have sworn never to clap for youYour other grouse was that I also asked for ‘a political appointment’ and a national secretariat in Abuja. You were also bellyaching because you said I led a delegation that didn’t include veterans. Thankfully you commended me for succeeding,” Ibinabo added.

P.M.NEWS Entertainment Cafe learnt that as the war of words between the two top actresses continues, some stakeholders are already wading in to broker peace between them.

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