Yes, it is about standing upright against the Goebbelsian regime…

Turkeyand’s second-rate democracy wasnand’t the only thing that mattered to the US and Europe during the Cold War.
All they cared about was communism and the Soviet Union. Therefore, Turkeyand’s remaining a NATO ally was more important to them than its democracy.
For this reason: The US and Europe gave tacit support to coups dand’andeacutetat, which were staged once every 10 years in our country. Each time, they didnand’t raise any objections to the pruning of democratic rights and freedoms. andquotCome on, hurry up with your and’cleaningand’ campaign and let elections be held and return to your barracks,andquot they would tell subversive generals.
And our subversive generals would place greater emphasis on the andquotred linesandquot of our second-rate democracy and reinforce their andquottutelageandquot and let us hold the elections and go on playing the game called democracy.
h2 Now that second-rate democracy has goneh2 The Cold War is left behind. Now, I think I should emphasize a point: Turkeyand’s second-rate democracy, a relic from the Cold War, is being lost, and, actually, it has gone!
However, there is something that hasnand’t changed with the US and Europe. They turn a blind eye to the collapse of Turkeyand’s second-rate democracy, and the founding of a andquotoebbelsian regime,andquot as the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) leader put it.
In the Cold War era, they remained silent to the coups dand’andeacutetat in Turkey, referring to communism, the Soviet Union and Turkeyand’s geography or geopolitical position.
Now, will the US and Europe still choose to close their eyes to the growing civilian coup in Turkey, this time referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), incirlik Air Base, the Syrian refugees and Turkeyand’s geography? Isnand’t this a kind of tacit support to the andquotcivilian coupandquot against democracy?
Is the kiss of life that German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave to Recep Tayyip Erdogan ahead of the Nov. 1 election a sign of this? Is this the reason why the European Commission postponed the announcement of its Turkey report until after the election?
h2 The and’Goebbelsian regimeand’ move is importanth2 I donand’t want to belabor the point. There were, and will continue to be, poor performances and double standards regarding democracy on the part of the US and Europe. This is their shame… They may violate their own ethical values and democratic values. And we will continue to be left alone, alone with our own andquotshame,andquot as has been the case.
It is our job to get rid of our andquotdemocracy shame.andquot Of course, it is our duty to fight for our own freedom. In this regard, CHP leader Kiliandcdaroiluand’s andquotoebbelsian regimeandquot remark is important. And the following is part of Can Dandundarand’s article in the Cumhuriyet daily on Nov. 6 on this matter:
Efforts to make the mainstream media to kneel down before government pressure have turned into an open threat.
Star columnist Cem Kanduandcandukand’s giving a list of journalists to Dogan Media Group owner Aydin Dogan and telling him: andquotIf you donand’t dismiss them, you will pay the price. We will make a decision about you accordinglyandquot angered CHP leader Kemal Kiliandcdaroilu.
Kiliandcdaroilu described these remarks of Kanduandcanduk which he saw on the video of a TV program as andquotan act of heavy daring.andquot He said he would take the issue to Parliamentand’s agenda. He also said: andquotFeelings of hatred have begun to dominate the countryand’s administration. If you attempt to rule a country with revengeful feelings, you will drag the country to a disaster. andhellip It was a big mistake for the European Commissionand’s delaying the release of its Progress Report on Turkey to the post-election period. They demonstrated a hypocritical stance.
andquotActing this way, they lent support to the AKP, which they criticize to us behind closed doors. They also supported constitutional amendments earlier [in 2010] hoping that they would be democratic reforms but they supported the establishment of a one-manand’s rule. I warned them back then, too. I told them these [the AKPand’s actions] do not comply with the ethical values of Europe and mean indirect support to the killing of democracy.
andquotThe AKP is now seeking legitimacy in the civilized world. So, it is ready to make any concession. Since Europe is aware of this, they are trying to make use of it. This is a very dangerous process.andquot
Kiliandcdaroilu also said: andquotIn order to seem nice to the West, Mr. Davutoilu has given messages of unity and solidarity in his post-election balcony speech, but the pool media is after revengeandhellip The people there are in a mood of and’we are the boss.and’ Their columnists are threatening the media bosses. Those remarks are a blow at democracy. A journalistand’s asking the dismissal of his colleagues is something that is unprecedented in the history of the Turkish Republic. It is the evidence for the beginning of a pro-Goebbels regime.
andquotI wish it was first Davutoilu, who promised to embrace 78 million citizens of this country, who objected to these remarks [from Kanduandcanduk]. Now, we need to ask the prime minister, from where and whom does this person get the courage [to threaten a media boss, journalists]? If it is Davutoilu who is making him tell these remarks, then it is a disaster. If Erdogan is making him tell this despite Davutoilu, then it is even a bigger disaster. We see that they will increase the dose of the pressure in the upcoming period. The media can overcome this pressure not by making concessions but by standing with courage.andquot
Esteemed Kiliandcdaroilu is right. All the matter is the mediaand’s being able to stand against pressure with courage for democracy and freedoms.


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