Workers safety comes first in German mines

DuSSELDORF (CIHAN)- The number of mine disasters was dramatically reduced thanks to tight controls and regulations in mine- rich Ruhr Basin of Germany. Metin AyIl has been working as an instructor specialist in a mine safety center in Herne city of Germany said that beside the state controls, there are also some independent organizations also supervise the mines across the Germany. “If these independent organizations find any unlawful application they have the authority to close the mine,” said AyIl.

An old mine in Herne is being used as mine safety center and workers take practical tuitions in this center. Metin AyIl, 47, has been working as instructor specialist in the center.

Metin AyIl made some special explanations to Cihan News Agency and said that they train the some Turkish rescue teams.

AyIl added also that, in the emergency conditions, life-saving filters have to work at least 90 minutes to keep worker alive. A person has to daily shaving, take his life-saving filter and wear a helmet, a special glow before landing the mine. Besides all, we have to get a tool which reduces the gas thickness in the mine ground and using this tool is an obligatory in member countries of European Union. Also it is an obligatory that every mine has to have escaping plans and workers have to be checked whether they dominate these plans.

Every mine has sport club

Stating how important the health of workers in Germany AyIl said that the companies have to take every kind of precaution measures to keep workers’ condition well and every mine has special sport clubs. “Schalke 04 football club was been established by workers who had been working as miner,” added AyIl.

“It is an obligatory that ever miner has to attend 10 km long run every year. The weight and height balance should be highly considered. If a worker does not manage to keep their weight and height balance relatign doctor may cancel the necessary working permission of him” stated AyIl.

“Medical checks are free of charge to keep the miners from backache and cancer. Retirement age is 49 and if a worker completes his 25 years work period he can gain the retirement right,” noted Metin AyIl


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