Work-related accidents in Turkey kill 1,461 in 10 months

Workplace accidents killed at least 1,461 people across Turkey in the first ten months of the year, the Istanbul Council for Workersand’ Health and Work Safety (iSiG) noted on Tuesday.
The death toll from work-related accidents in October alone reached 143, pushing up the total number of casualties between the January-October period to 1,461.
In its latest report on what it calls and”workplace murders,and” a term often used to refer to a creeping negligence found in incidents, iSiG demanded that the new government steps up reforms to enhance job safety standards and protect worker rights.
The iSiG report indicated that 128 people were killed in January in work-related accidents. It said there were also 85 such deaths in February, 140 in March, 135 in April, 167 in May, 155 in June, 172 in July, 160 in August, 176 in September and 143 in October.
While casualty numbers in October were 78 in 2012, they rose to 113 in 2013 and 171 in 2014, before dropping slightly to 143 this year, painting a picture of work-related deaths becoming an expected norm in Turkey.
Among this Octoberand’s victims, one was a child, nine were women, one was Syrian, and one was an Afghani refugee. A total of 40 in Octoberand’s death toll were 51 years old or older.
Vehicular accidents and being trapped in a collapsed building or some other wreckage were among the most likely causes of death in October, according to the iSiG report. The report said most accidents occurred in sectors known for often having poor working conditions and noted that the construction, agricultural and transportation industries were the three most deadly sectors.
The report also revealed that izmir, Bursa, Balikesir and Sakarya were the four provinces with the highest number of worker deaths in October.
and”Well, how many people were killed due to occupational diseases in Turkey in this period? We do not know. But considering the ILOand’s [International Labor Organization] predictions, we know that people accounting for nearly six times the workplace accidentsand’ death toll were killed by work-related illnesses in October,and” the report stressed, drawing a bleaker picture regarding the prevention of poor working conditions in Turkey.


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