Wild boar chases locals on Asian side of Istanbul

A wild boar which came out of the sea on the Asian side of Istanbul on Thursday chased locals and caused panic among the residents of the area.
iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”310″ scrolling=”no” src=”http:content.jwplatform.comlayerslRKngrVn-6nWWecdN.html” width=”550iframe Video footage, showing people as they ran into stores close by to avoid the boar as it chased them on the shore of the Beykoz district, circulated on social media. Wild boars were previously seen in Istanbul and are thought to have escaped from their natural habitats in Istanbuland’s northern forests due to construction work. The construction work for the third bridge spanning the Bosporus — which ecologists say will cause the end of Istanbuland’s northern forests — is still ongoing, and is thought to be the reason for the boars to be relocating from the European side of the city to the Asian side.


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