We learned a lot from Turkey, says Mujica

Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu met with ex-Uruguay leader Jose Mujica, who was famed with his humble character, in a breakfast in İstanbul on Friday. Mujica said that they learned many things from Turkish people and they were so impressed by the hospitality of them.

Journalists showed great attraction to the meeting, which was held at Bakirkoy Water Products Cooperative, located in Shore Kennedy Boulevard in Bakirkoy district of İstanbul. Kilicdaroglu and Mujica arrived at the scene by separate cars. Mujica, who came with his wife, ate the menu, consisting of bagel, cheese, tomatoes olive and butter, with Kilicdaroglu. Following the long talk with Kilicdaroglu with the help of a translator, Turkish coffee was served to Mujica. CHP deputies Sezgin Tanrikulu, Veli Agbaba and Bakirkoy Mayor Bulent Kerimoglu were also at the meeting.

Mujica, with his modest attitudes and ordinary clothes, drew great attraction from the journalists. Disturbed by the cameras before the breakfast, Mujica could eat his menu after the cameras were closed.

Mujica, “I am so thankful for the hospitality and warm interest of Turkish people. Latin America units its power and the countries must improve the relations with this region of the world. China has been the biggest exported country of Latin America. We must vary our relations and we must come to Mediterranean, Arabic world and small Asia more. We are here for this. My country is so small but it is a respective country in world arena, especially by the Latin countries. I hope we get closer to each other in the future. Because, it is needed to manage well to trade, intelligence, and independence between countries to be independent. We learned many things from Turkey,” said in his speech.

Replying the questions of the journalists Kilicdaroglu stated, “There has not been an Uruguay embassy in Turkey and it is not true. I told this to Mujica and the necessary attempts must be done,” in his speech. Kilicdaroglu also stated that they talked about if Latin America countries can found a Union as European Union.

Meanwhile, as press members attempted to take photo with Mujica and Kilicdaroglu, fantastic moments occurred.


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