We are all witnesses

We are all witnessesFollowing the Soma mine disaster, my dear friend Ismail KIlIarslan wrote a column titled “I am ashamed” and asked: “When exactly did we turn into these people?When did we come to the point where we cannot even feel any shared pain and we go after petty goals [in this painful period]? When did we get like this? I’m sorry, but I guess we have been this way all along. We are the people of a nation that tries to justify deaths and explains why those deceased deserved to die.

If the killer is the state, then no dead person is innocent to us. After hundreds of thousands of Armenians, 80 percent of whom were women and children, were brutally murdered [in 1915 during Ottoman rule] on their way to exile, we appeased our souls by saying, ‘But they were wearing Russian uniforms.

‘ [In 1955] the Sept. 6 and Sept.

7 mass assaults [against Greeks residing in Istanbul] were justified by the false claim that the victims had thrown a bomb at Ataturk’s home.” (HAYKO BAIDAT, TARAF.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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