Was TBB Chairman FeyzioIlu really rude?

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan angrily interrupted a speech being given by Turkish Bar Association (TBB) Chairman Metin FeyzioIlu during an event held to mark the 146th anniversary of the establishment of the Council of State on Saturday.

The prime minister accused him of being rude for speaking too long and for being critical of the government. “What you are saying is wrong,” the prime minister said, and FeyzioIlu responded by asking what was wrong in his speech. “How could there be such rudeness?” the prime minister, this time more angrily, yelled. “My speech was very constructive. I did not do anything rude. And I would never call anyone rude,” FeyzioIlu responded. ErdoIan later stormed out of the hall, despite efforts by other high-level participants of the event to calm him down.

Nuh GnultaI from the Bugun daily said FeyzioIlu did not use a rude word in his speech. He said he did not use a tone implying he was trying to teach the government a lesson nor did he insult anyone. “Despite this, Prime Minister ErdoIan did not tolerate FeyzioIlu’s speech, and he stood up and shouted at FeyzioIlu that he was being rude and then left the hall,” GnultaI said, summarizing what happened at the event. According to GnultaI, the prime minister’s aerse reaction was overdramatic. “In addition, there was no major negative factor in FeyzioIlu’s speech to require such a reaction by the prime minister. For this reason, we can say that it was pre-planned,” the columnist noted. He went on to say that the only unfavorable side of FeyzioIlu’s speech was that it was very long. “However, no one could accuse a speechmaker of being rude for speaking too long,” GnultaI added.

According to Cuneyt zdemir from Radikal, Prime Minister ErdoIan’s aerse reaction to the TBB chairman’s speech clearly shows that the prime minister does not want to hear any criticism. “If you do not count a few newspapers, there is almost no one in the country that can criticize the prime minister. Only a few members of the judiciary dared to criticize the prime minister, but their courage probably ended yesterday [Saturday]. Prime Minister ErdoIan interrupted FeyzioIlu’s speech and then left the hall. What he did has no place in universal law. Members of the judiciary were the last stronghold the prime minister was unable to silence them. And the prime minister is in trouble with the law. There is nothing to be surprised about!” the columnist said.

What was surprising, according to zdemir, was that President Gul and Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet zel — two other high-level participants of the event — joined ErdoIan as he left the hall. “We all know that whoever criticizes the prime minister is doomed. We have learned that zel is also at odds with the universal law and its principles. The harmony is excellent!” the columnist said. (Gunay Hilal Aygun)


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