Villagers in eastern Turkey strike it rich on meteorites

A meteorite fall in a village in the eastern province of BingandOl has quickly turned into a source of easy money, with peasants selling fragments for as much as $60 a gram.
When a meteor exploded over Sariandciandcek village, illuminating the night sky on Sept. 2, local residents were frightened by both the light and the sound that emerged on the heels of it. Yet the landing has already become an opportunity for villagers to exploit.
and”At first we regarded the rocks as insignificant. We learned their real value after an academic from Istanbul University revealed it. A gram of this rock has sold for $60. Russians have bought pieces for between $15 and $60. Germans and collectors from the US have also com for it. They spent some $200,000 last week alone,and” Mehmet Nezir Ergandun, a villager speaking to Dogan News Agency said on Monday.
Villagers have even put up the fragments for sale on online shopping websites. Ergandun said: and”People have been following [our ads]. We have even had calls from Denmark. I hope this area will be full of tourists. People from neighboring provinces have been coming here to find rock fragments on the ground.and”
Stating that the fragments weigh between 1 and 1.5 grams on average, Ergandun said the heaviest one found so far was as heavy as 1.47 kilograms.
and”I hope everyone finds some. Poor people are always looking for pieces. They need them more than we do,and” Ergandun says, highlighting a sad state of affairs in which villagers of his hometown are pinning their hopes on money falling from the sky.


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