US-Azerbaijani partnership – distinguishable for its success: Department of Commerce

Baku: The partnership between the United States and Azerbaijan is distinguishable for its success, Deputy Assistant Secretary of U.S. Department of Commerce Michael Lally told reporters in Baku Nov.19.

He said the trade turnover between the two countries accounted to $2 billon last year and it mostly covered the fields of aviation and satellite.

“I am heading the mission that is giving an impetus to further deepening and expansion of the economic relations between the US and Azerbaijan,” the US official said, noting that the mission in the framework of its visit to Azerbaijan has two main goals.

“Firstly, the mission is interested in developing trade and economic relations between the two countries and it believes for this there is a huge potential. Secondly, the US companies intends to find partners in Azerbaijan and create new jobs both in the US and Azerbaijan together with their Azerbaijani partners,” he added.

According to the US official, it is the highest-level visit that was paid by the delegation of the Department of Commerce to Azerbaijan over the past 7 years. “Our delegation will hold about 100 meetings the results of which will define objectives for the future,” he said.


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