Unions keep close watch on economic pledges after polls

With Turks having cast their votes for a single-party government on Sunday, business associations are vowing to keep a close eye to ensure the promises made by the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will be kept.
and”We believe markets, as of tomorrow, will take a better form in a Turkey governed by a single party. However, I want to underline that the Craftsmen and Artisans Association [ESDER] will be following the pledges made [before the election],and” Mahmut andcelikus, the chairman of ESDER, said Monday.
Almost all the political parties had based their election manifestos on economic pledges in the run up to the Nov. 1 poll. The AK Party vowed to lift the minimum wage from TL 1,000 to TL 1,300 effective January or July 2016. The party also promised to give retirees an annual hike of TL 1,200 in their pensions. Among the other promises by the AK Party are cash aid and non-interest loan opportunities for young entrepreneurs who want to set up their own businesses.


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