Unauthorized person behind report that led to Koza seizure

An and”expert reportand” that offered a controversial Ankara court the legal pretext to take over one of Turkeyand’s most successful conglomerates is null and void because the person who prepared it is not recognized as an expert by the Ankara Courthouse, media reported over the weekend.
On Oct. 26, the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace, a court designed and established by then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s government in 2014 to pursue its critics, ruled to place Koza ipek Holding in receivership. Legal experts accused the court of abusing its privileged power to invent a pretext regarding the Koza verdict. The court based its decision on what it said was an expert report. Professor iafak Ertan andcomakli, the author of the highly controversial expert report is not even on the list of experts recognized by the state to offer their opinions on points of controversy in legal cases.
andcomakli was selected by the prosecution to draw up the report that was used as the basis for a highly controversial court decision to take over Koza ipekand’s management despite not being on the list of experts compiled by the Ankara Courthouse.
The lists of experts are normally compiled at the beginning of each calendar year by the justice commissions of the respective courthouses to offer the courts a pool of experts to utilize when rendering decisions on certain cases.
andcomakliand’s non-inclusion on the expert list of the Ankara Courthouse, from where the decision to take over Koza ipek Holdings was handed down by Penal Judge of Peace Yunus Sanduer, strengthens previous claims that andcomakli was specifically chosen by the government to draft the report in a negative way.
The report was slammed by critics after it was revealed that it had presented the holdingand’s impeccable accounts as proof of alleged irregularities.
and”In countries like Turkey which have volatile economic conditions, it does not suit financial, technical or commercial realities that companies would not have improprieties in their corporate structures where large sums of money are exchanged,and” the report signed by andcomakli claims.
and”There is no perfect corporation, accounting system or financial structure in the world. However, the corporation in question appears perfect in its official documentation, according to the gathered information.and”
It also emerged on Friday that andcomakli, who currently heads the Forensic Science Institute at the Police Academy, was convicted of fraud in 2007, a detail which could lead to the nullification of the expert report should it be contested in court.
andcomakli and an accomplice whom he tried to pass off as his uncle were sentenced to two years, one month in jail for fraud after a criminal court in Kandutahya upheld a complaint from a local academic against them.
The academic, Mehmet Soydan, sued andcomakli and Cenap Gerandcek after he paid andcomakli $12,000 for a car that andcomakli said would be brought from Kazakhstan but was never delivered.
Experts say andcomakliand’s status as an expert is questionable because the law forbids people with a prior conviction to serve as experts in legal matters.
The 22 seized companies under Koza ipek include four media outlets critical of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Furthermore, before writing the report, andcomakli established himself as a Justice and Development Party (AK Party) supporter and used vitriolic criticism and profanity on social media when talking about followers of the faith-based Gandulen movement.
He attracted widespread criticism due to posts on Twitter that target followers of the Gandulen movement, a civil society organization, and Todayand’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bandulent Kenei in particular.
On Aug. 23, andcomakli wrote on his Twitter account to Kenei: andquotYou are a dog on a leash. It would be nice if some oxygen had gone to your brain, but you cannot breathe because of the leash.andquot
Despite being strongly criticized for his tweet, andcomakli posted another that included even more profanity, accusing followers of the Gandulen movement of being traitors and guilty of extortion. Some Twitter users later wrote to Kenei saying he should take legal action against andcomakli.
The takeover of Koza ipek Holdingand’s companies sparked an outcry in Turkey and abroad and prompted calls from media organizations, politicians and rights groups on the government and Erdogan to stop their repression of the independent media.


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