U.S. envoy praise cooperation with Azerbaijan in security

By: Sara Rajabova

Robert Cekuta, the ambassador of the United States to Baku has praised the relation between the two countries, noting that Baku and Washington have good cooperation on the security front.

Speaking to reporters on November 17, Cekuta stressed that Azerbaijan has been with the U.S. in combating terrorism since September 11, 2001.

The Azerbaijani armed forces are successfully cooperating in Kosovo, Iraq, and currently in Afghanistan as part of the International Peacekeeping Mission.

Azerbaijan has been a member of the NATO-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan since 2003. The Azerbaijani peacekeeping contingent doubled in 2009.

Currently, some 90 Azerbaijani servicemen are part of those international forces securing safety in Afghanistan. Azerbaijan is also among the eight partner countries that have approved an extension of troops operating in Afghanistan.

Noting that the U.S., France and other countries are working together in combating terrorism around the world, Cekuta said the problem of terrorism was discussed at the G20 Summit in Turkey.

He also added that senior officials from U.S. trade mission will come to Baku the next week to mull energy, trade, economy and security issues.

Cekuta further noted that the U.S. is working on expanding the economic opportunities for female entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan.

He said at the conference on “Development of women’s entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan” that the U.S. is ready to render assistance to Azerbaijan in this sphere.

Stressing that the U.S. speaks for supporting women’s entrepreneurship, Cekuta added that if a woman has made achievement, it means, she has a successful and healthy family.

Since Azerbaijan’s emergence as an independent nation in 1991, the U.S.-Azerbaijan relationship has evolved into a strategic partnership based on mutual interests and common values.


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